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A new lead every day

Most b2b-startups struggle getting new clients.

We help such entrepreneurs to develop a crystal clear marketing message, create converting websites, and execute lead-generating sales and marketing campaigns.

Unternehmer schließt einen Vertrag

Friendly clients

Stable growth

Solid day rates

No startups should fail just because of sales

However, most b2b enterpreneurs struggle

Depending on word-of-mouth
Fluctuating utilisation
Pressure on prices

Marketing and sales are simple processes

Once established they generate

A new lead every day

We generate calls for you. You just have to show up.

Accept only friendly clients

You will be able to decline those annoying clients.

Solid revenue growth

Hire more people and grow your company - with no risk.

Solid day rates and prices

Stop spending 80 hours per week in the hamster wheel and start working on the important things in life.

Hannes Kleist

Your personal sales coach


Hannes Kleist

I know how frustrating it is, when you have a great product but no clients coming in.

Your investment for ROI of 10x.


950 Fixed fee
  • Consulting sessions
  • We draft your funnel
  • Budget plan, KPIs and ROI


4950 Fixed fee
  • Converting website
  • Lead magnet (Whitepaper)
  • 1 ad campaign


9950 Monatlich
  • Design & Implementation
  • Ongoing coaching
  • Constant optimization

3 simple steps to get more leads

Fill out our self accessment

Understand where your sales funnel needs improvement.

Strategy workshop

In a 4 hour workshop we will develop your marketing & sales strategy and your marketing-text-toolbox.

Get more clients

We generate 10,000 leads for you, build a relationship and help you close them.

FIXED FEE - 950€*

Book Consultation

Hannes Kleist hört Ihnen zu

Hannes Kleist
Managing director

* Please note: This consultation is not cheap. 

As a managing director, my time is limited and requests for free discovery calls are plenty.

As an entrepreneur – you surly understand, that I need to cover my opportunity cost.

  1. Detailed draft of your funnel
  2. Business plan: Budget, KPIs and ROI
  3. eBook with instructions and examples
  4. Videos for all elements

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